The 2020 Boss Couple Summit
Where 20+ EXPERT Speakers come together to share their expertise on how boss couples can build a successful business while strengthening their relationships with each other, family, and health.
October 26th-29th, 2020
What is the 2020 Boss Couple Summit?
The Boss Couple Summit is for couple entrepreneurs, who own businesses together OR separately, who want to run a successful business without sacrificing their relationships, family, or health.  Marilyn & Enrique Ortega, the summit hosts, have gathered & interviewed 20+TOP EXPERTS in order to provide life-changing information that will take the relationship you have with your business, spouse, family, & health to new heights. 
The Boss Couple Summit speakers have been featured in...
Why Should You Attend the Boss Couple Summit?

This is a VIRTUAL EVENT, so there is no travel expense- watch from the comfort of your own home!

Your ticket is FREE
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We have AMAZING guest speakers that will help propel your relationships with your business, each other, family, & health forward!

Our Guest Expert Speakers
Brian & Chelsea Riekkola
Meagan Hernandez
Danielle Gagnon
Marketing- SEO
Agustin Marin
Sarah Feldscher
Emily Martinez
Time Hacking
Rachel Elder
Renee Lowry
Conflict Resolution
Sarah Dumas
Dating Your Spouse
Many Keene & Mike Ryan
5 Love Languages & 
Personal Assessments
Anna Segunina
Personal Finance & 
Money Dates
Lauren & Justin Golden
Working From Home
Michelle Guinn
Daily Routines & 
Productivity Habits
Khara Brindle
Work/Life Balance
Ruben Martinez
Child Communication
Elane & Rick Stephens
Family Leadership
Adam Walsh
Krista Moreland
Meal Planning
Catrina Marie
Mindset/ Mental Health
Aniko & Brian Brown
Kaqun Wellness
Lacie Morris
See All the Summit Sessions
All interviews each day will go live at 10am eastern standard time (New York City).
 Oct 26th
 Relationship with Business
  • Legal/ Foundational 
    Brian & Chelsea Riekkola
  • Accounting
    Meagan Hernandez
  • Marketing- SEO 
    Danielle Gagnon
  • Marketing- Media
    Agustin Marin
  • Branding
    Sarah Feldscher
  • Time Hacking
    Emily Martinez
  • Copywriting Lacie Morris
Oct 27th
Relationship with Each Other
  • Communication 
    Rachel Elder
  • Conflict Resolution 
    Renee Lowry
  • Dating Your Spouse
    Sarah Dumas
  • 5 Love Languages & Personal Assessments 
    Mandy Keene & Mike Ryan
  • Personal Finance & Money Dates
    Anna Segunina
Oct 28th
Relationship with Family
  • Working From Home
    Lauren & Justin Golden
  • Daily Routine & Productivity Habits 
    Michelle Guinn
  • Work/ Life Balance 
    Khara Brindle
  • Child Communication
    Ruben Martinez
  • Family Leadership Rick & Elane Stephens
Oct 29th
Relationship with Health
  • Exercising for Busy Entrepreneurs 
    Adam Walsh
  • Meal Planning 
    Krista Moreland
  • Mindset/ Mental Health
    Catrina Marie
  • Kaqun Wellness
    Brian & Aniko Brown
Boss Couple Summit Hosts
Marilyn & Enrique Ortega have been a boss couple for over a decade. They have run multiple businesses together & separately and know how challenging life can be as couple entrepreneurs. That is why they built this summit- to be able to support those couples living this crazy lifestyle, so that they can build a successful business without sacrificing their relationship, family, or health.
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